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Upgrading your energy systems has never been easier. In addition to ensuring that your project stays within budget constraints while complying with current building codes, it is also important to understand the true cost of the equipment you are installing to ensure you are not leaving money on the table. While older technology can seem less expensive, rebates & incentives offset the cost of newer more efficient equipment and sometimes even cost less than old, inefficient technology while saving thousands of dollars in energy & maintenance costs in the long run.


From lighting, appliances, heating & cooling systems, solar technology & a variety of building envelope fixtures, there are multiple options that are available to help reduce the cost of your project while achieving returns in energy efficiency. Rebates & incentives depend on your location, facility size, energy usage, utility provider, and a variety of other factors…We understand it can be difficult to navigate all of the energy efficiency rebates and incentives that are available. As your trusted energy efficiency provider, we have created this form to help streamline the process for our clients. Fill out this form to ensure your building is receiving the highest rebate or incentive amount while ensuring the new equipment is achieving the greatest amount of efficiency tailored to your specific needs.


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