100%, long-term financing for energy retrofits on commercial properties.

What is PACE?

The Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy program is a new & innovative financing mechanism that provides long-term, low-cost, 100% LTC funding for capital improvement projects involving energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation. PACE loans are repaid via a special assessment on the property's tax bill. PACE takes away the misalignment between tenants, owners, managers & utilities by solving the problem of "Who is going to pay for it". This is why Scientific American identified PACE as one of the top 20 "world-changing" ideas.

Western Facility Services Group has been committed to providing our clients with the latest trends in energy efficiency since day one. As your PACE service provider, we will walk you through the process from start to finish.


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Eligible improvements 


  • High-Efficiency Lighting

  • LED Lighting

  • Street Lighting

  • Exterior Fixtures

  • Lighting Controls

  • Occupancy Sensors

  • Photocells

  • Demand Response Controls

  • and more...


  • Exhaust Fan

  • High Cogan Furnace

  • Duct Replacement

  • Heat Recovery Ventilation

  • Demand Recirculation Pump

  • Efficiency A/C

  • Boilers/Chillers Insulation

  • Wate Heat Recovery

  • Furnance, and more...


  • Solar Thermal

  • Ground-Mount Solar PV

  • Roof-Mount Solar PV

  • Storage


  • Wind Turbines

  • Behind the meter Wind System

Air Sealing & Ventilation

  • Air Sealing

  • Air Ventilation

  • Air Barriers

  • Bathroom Fan

  • Ceiling Fan


  • Skylight

  • Window Replacement

  • Dynamic Window Systems

  • Doors

  • Walls

  • Green Roof

  • Cool Roof

  • Reflective Roof

Water Heating

  • High-Efficiency Hot Water Boiler

  • High-Efficiency Water Heater

  • Tankless Water Heater

  • On-Demand RecirculationDomestic Hot Water Pipe Insulation

  • and more...


  • Refrigeration

  • Defrost Controls

  • Evaporator Fan Controls

  • Compressors

  • Condensers

  • and more...

Irrigation &Reuse

  • Irrigation Systems

  • Irrigation Controls

  • Soil Moisture Sensors

  • Greywater Systems

  • Blackwater Treatment System

  • Rainwater Harvesting


  • Elevator Modernization

TX-PACE | the bottom line

Commercial - Industrial & Manufacturing - Multifamily - Hospitality - Agriculture - Nonprofit  

How Western Facility Services Group brings it all together


Our approach to PACE projects is quite simple. We listen to our clients, leverage our relationship with utility rebate providers, financial backers, & strategic partnerships so that we can offer recommendations that fulfill everyone's needs throughout the process. By listening to our clients & their stakeholders, we are able to uncover value throughout comprehensive feasibility studies while managing your project from start to finish.


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Educational Flyer for the Texas PACE financing program

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